Who we are

RHEST is a women-led nonprofit organization established in 1993 with the goal of preventing girl trafficking through education. In addition to support for formal education, RHEST also runs program on health for supported girls, their families and communities. Under the health program, RHEST works in the area of reproductive health, mental health and nutrition. RHEST works closely with four local partner organizations in Kailali, Banke, Makwanpur and Udayapur districts.

It is our conviction that the advancement of education among girls and women can significantly contribute to the improvement of society as a whole. We envision a society free from trafficking of young girls and gender-based violence. To this end, our organization actively works to support the education of girls and provide information on reproductive health, nutrition and mental health.

Our Vision

We envision an educated Nepali society free of girl trafficking, child marriage, and violence against girls and women, one where access to reproductive health is freely available.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce social malpractices such as girl trafficking, child marriage, forced labor, domestic violence, and sexual abuse through education, and empower and promote the overall health of Nepali girls and young women.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide direct support for education to girls at risk of human trafficking.

Our Objectives

  • To combat girl trafficking, child labor, child marriage and domestic violence by empowering girls through education and awareness on various social malpractices.
  • To offer assistance in the health of women with priority to communities who have traditionally lacked access to services.
  • To publish materials for widespread dissemination in communities.