From a vulnerable teen to a thriving business women

Ramita Lama's (Name changed) childhood was filled with struggles and responsibilities. At just five years old, her mother left the family and remarried, leaving Ramita to take care of her younger brother and handle household responsibilities. Despite these challenges, Ramita had a dream of becoming a teacher.

It was in grade 2 that the team at RHEST discovered Ramita and enrolled her in SGT. However, Ramit's father was an alcoholic and she had to work to support her family, making it difficult for her to attend school regularly. Despite her best efforts, Ramita couldn't keep up with her studies and failed her SLC exam.

Feeling discouraged, Ramita had lost hope of ever becoming a teacher. But the team at RHEST refused to give up on her. They motivated her to explore other opportunities and encouraged her to start a small business. Ramita began working at her relative's cosmetic store and received training in beauty parlor and salon skills.

Now 22 years old, Ramita works in her relative's store and runs the business successfully. She earns around $140 per month and supports her family. She stays connected with alums in Tanahun and participates in community awareness programs.

Despite not being able to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher, Ramita is determined to continue growing her business. She plans to eventually open her own cosmetic shop and parlor, with the support of RHEST and her unwavering determination. Ramita is driven to make a positive impact in the lives of other needy girls in her community. She says, "I will do my level best to work with alums of Tanahun to bring changes in the needy girls' lives."


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